Zee Marathi Saregamapa Final – Last Chance to vote for Arya Ambekar

Once again here is the link to vote Arya for free. You will find it in my link list in sidebar as well.

I purposefully did not write about the performances of the Saregamapa Little Champs last week. The republic day episode was not part of competition was first reason and secondly I was waiting for YouTube  users  to post the videos of the program. While he posted the episodes few days back, I did not get chance to write a post. So finally here I am writing about this great season of Little Champs.

While this weeks episode were reminding us about the fabulous time we had with the champs and we really never realized that it was a full six months period since first episode.It was quite amazing yesterday to see the champs in selection rounds and now. I noticed one thing that since the first episode, there is not much change in Kartiki and Rohit in their appearance Both were quite confident, free and with same characteristics as today. Rohit seems to be maturing and Kartiki seems to be becoming performer. Prathamesh was really a konkani bhat with his trademark टिळा from this he has changed to quite a bit. He is more urbanized now and did you listen to him yesterday … He sang गालावर खऴी…  and also managed to say “I Love You”. 🙂 Mugdha was really really young to take part in this competition. I mocked earlier that she is not telling her real age and some readers took it literally. They were angry with me. All Mugdha fans you know… They are of her age only 😉 But she is short to make her look younger.She has changed a lot. These six months have made her more mature and I personally feel that the little girl is stressed too much for her age. Finally my favorite Arya… She was sweet when she came now she is not just that, she is looking beautiful everyday. What has not changed is her simplicity. Despite all the praise she gets, she is still on ground open to criticism and willing to learn. I must say her parents have raised her well. खरोखर सुसंस्कृत मुलगी कशी असावी त्याचे उदाहरण आहे.

One of the readers, fanfare, is claiming that she is pure blue blooded Punekar and she is appealing all to vote for merit. She is favoring Kartiki and repeatedly commenting that I should not support  Puneri girl Arya just because she is from Pune. Well if the judges are getting paid for promoting Kartiki, what is wrong in me supporting Arya for free and if someone feels that I am doing this because she is also a Puneri girl… please excuse me. I am definitely proud about her being from Pune but that is not the only reason why I support her. She is a truly versatile singer and our judges have said so. Had this not been a competition which Zee Marathi is still maintaining and has different prizes for winner and runner up, I would have really chosen these five + Shalmali. But that is not the case. So I am all for Arya as Little Champs winner. I am sure she will be winner by jury votes. Now all viewers need to vote for her. Go online and do it for free or spend money and send SMSes.

One thing I am not sure if you have noticed yesterday… Same Avadhoot who tells Prathmesh about the missing tanpura is not able to make out the faults in pathetic natyasangeet by Kartiki?  Same was the case with Rohit but then no body even slightly hinted at this… why? One more thing I noticed yesterday… Prathamesh was going to sing Swapneel’s song and I am sure Vaishali Samant knew it and still she expressed surprise on how Prathamesh picked up that song just after her comment on Avadhoot and Swapneel’s friendship. Is this an indication of a  scripted episode?

Finally here is something for the supporters of Arya.

1. She is one of the first candidates to have a Wiki page. Click here

2. Mandar Deodhar has created a blogspot post to list all (well… almost) videos of Arya Ambekar here

3. To see all videos of Saregamapa on you tube, visit the user page of ahonkan or search for  Arya Ambekar.

4. There is already some con blogger trying to make money by using Arya’s name. Check this fake blog here.To this blogger I can only say …  Man you should be ashamed of using her name like this. You can be a fan but you should not use her name like this to pretend it is a blog by her. Shame on you.

UPDATE: [9th February] Now we all know that this all effort is gone in vain, please let me know your opinion in single option

29 thoughts on “Zee Marathi Saregamapa Final – Last Chance to vote for Arya Ambekar”

  1. Yes,arya is trully d best.she is der in d competition because of her versatality .so pls vote for her.u r a good author u r telling people abt other blogs also.and even i knew that the arya blog is fake.on orkut also there r 2 profiles .one is definitely fake.i am not sure abt 2nd .on orkut there is profile of avanti patel which is real.u can find arya home on wikimapia.it has been bookmarked.

  2. “Well if the judges are getting paid for promoting Kartiki, what is wrong in me supporting Arya for free”…?????

    I did not understand this comment above by Hemant – – ‘judges getting paid to promote kartiki sounds wierd’- and definitely unfounded unless some supporting evidence is provided elsewhere.

    I think- from the comments of the judges yesterday- we will not have any single champ as a winner. Just as they modified rules to send all 5, we are likely to see some interesting decisions and that would be nice- I keep my fingers crossed for ALL 5 and NOT JUST ARYA. I sorely miss Shalamali though…

    Puneri lokani talent jithe asel tithe acknowledge kele pahije, feverish and hyper campaign karu naka.Tyacha ulta parinam vhayachi shakyata jasta ahe.

    You have a sly way of mud slinging at Mugdha by sounding as though you are patronizing her as- “too tired, too little” – she is quite a bundle of spirit and energy AND a match for everyone- Arya included! Also your criticisms of kartiki only go on to show you have some personal bias against rural folks making it big on such platforms- (Alandi is pretty much ‘affiliated’ to Pune if that matters so much:-))

    less important and on a a lighter note: hemant please do not conclude that ‘fanfare’ is a woman/ girl. (” One of the readers, fanfare, is claiming that she is pure blue blooded Punekar and she is appealing all to vote for merit.”) There is nothing in my comments so far that indicates so.

  3. I definately don’t agree with your comments. views are unilateral as far as Arya is concerned. Arya is definately one of my favourites and i would definately rate her above or at par with Kartiki.
    Mughda is too young for this..

    Support Arya for what she is ! and not because she is “so called” Punekar.

    U will appreciate that Only Punekar;s can not make her win.. its our votes also that matters. Dont create a regional rift …

  4. And about your remark: “I mocked earlier that she is not telling her real age and some readers took it literally. They were angry with me. ”

    Look at the excerpt from your own post – you have stopped at nothing while suspecting that her fans are spending money!! someone is hacking the voting system and have suggested that Zee should “find this out” and so on… these are pretty serious allegations, looks like a skewed thought process of yours- if your favorite cannot get votes, no one else can possibly get genuine votes, wake up

    you have said ( copy pasted from your post) :

    “That’s amazing but my suspicious mind does not stop me from thinking. Mugdha is definitely good and for her age, she is giving everyone much older than her a tough fight. I heard she is not as young as she looks. So how is she managing to get so many votes?

    There is a good possibility that she has some admirers who are spending lot of money. She seems to be coming from typical middle class Marathi family like you and me. So her family may not be doing all this. They all are good people. But the other possibility is that someone know how to hack the online voting system and is sending votes to Mugdha free of cost. Does Zee Marathi has will or wherewithal to find this out? “

  5. Why we vote for Arya:-
    some points,
    1. She has created the record of getting full marks from the judges for two consecutive times and “Varcha Ni” also.
    2. Arya has also won Manik Verma award in the form of scholarship.
    3. Arya has sung various, different types of songs in the competition and is one of the most versatile.
    4. She was also awarded the performer of the week twice, once by Mahalakshmi Iyer and by famous singer Shankar Mahadevan.
    5. The song was ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo’ which brought tears to many people’s eyes.

    Best of luck Arya.

  6. preeti- The same is true for Prathamesh for example, also Rohit . In fact all the cotestants have won best performer awards at some point..- Prathamesh got 3 – from Mangeshkars!! Srinivas Khale offered to teach kartiki..

    In my opinion, Shankar Mahadevan was the best judge- he gave the performance awards to all 5! This decision should be upheld and I am sure all voters want it that way. No amount of campaign for a single candidate is likely to work .

  7. Hey preeti dont copy from wiki.tell why u vote her.and i think fanfare is right.we may have all 5 as winners.coz zee has 2 care abt their feelings.but if anyone except arya or prathmesh wins,i will say they hve wasted their acadamic year.arya is in 9th .she hasnt gave any exam.what is use if true talent is appreciated.arya’s every performance is good.she will get max marks from jury.and least in votes.atleast zee shld have shown either online votes or jury marks now they can chose anyone as winner as we dont no anything

  8. This is turning funny, to promote own candidate, bring down the others do not even think that they are kids, show all their bad points, as an adult show them what is politics, use blogs etc., this is typical puneri, and for aalandikars this is not new, since Sant Dyaneshwar this has been going on 🙂
    Never even once bhakti has been appriciated even in Aryas songs, only technical and dry apreciation.
    Thank God Arya va itar he vachat nahi, nahi tar tyana laaj watel aplya fans chi ani aplya mitranbaddal asa lihitat hyachi.
    Pnaditache kaam manase jodane aahe, pan ‘puneri pandit’ lahan mulana sudhha vegala karayla nighale aahet. Dhanya aahat.

    Fanfare mhanale tase 5 hi janana . . .

    tyanchya kadun ekmaekala sahaya kase karave yache dhade ghyave, team work kaay te shikave, dar veli aamchi goshta vegali, amcha ‘class’ vegla mhanun vegali chool na karata ekatra enjoy karayla shikave hya mulankdun.
    Baghuya kadhi jamatay.

  9. Darshak, you are so right, thanks for supporting me in my views, I keep on insisting that we ( Puneri or otherwise) should applaud talent wherever it exists , YES Arya is talented, but SO ARE OTHERS!!! This is almost malicious to bring down all others methodically and belittling their talent and efforts!( calling Prathamesh Konkani bhat, rohit/ Kartiki only performers, Mugdha- get this- “short, tired, too small to compete “etc etc…and what does Arya’s “looking beautiful now and swwet when she entered” got to do with het talent?? ) fans like Hemant/ Puneri pandit should leave these little ones alone . They would be better off without such a support!!

    Amey, wasting one acad year is not a correct description Arya won a scholarship – a coveted one. And after all , while entering a contest it is the decision that parents make for kids in view of their future/ career- so I am sure they have done things thoughfully with full regard to her career.

    Once again people – Maharashtrians, support talent not reginalism) – I call upon the real puneris and fellow maharashtrians to ignore lopsided campaigns and trust their hearts – pt Bhimsen Joshi himself admits he got more fame in Maharashtra than he did in his homeland. Thats the way we are and that’s the way to be.

  10. hemant is ryt in saying shalmali shld have been there.actually i dont know why judges said that all 5 shld be in megas in that episode.and how the AV was available.may b a good singer was eliminated so 2 avoid people’s wrath they chose this way.

  11. hemant
    yawelache donhi episodes baghun mala watle ki tumhi hya lahan lahan mulana ugichch ek dusryapeksha kami jast lekhtay. they all are going together well and enjoying. Anyways final cha result kahihi asla tari there is a long way to go. 10/12th madhe merit madhe yenare saglech pudhe jaun diwe lavtat ase nahiye (sorry for language). and i am really happy that lil champs are still young to read ur blog. to jar tyani wachla tar nakkich tyana dukh hoil. and stop screaming for pune, pune… FYI i am also form pune. Try to appreciate and accept others talent. jara man jast nako thode mothe kara ani mhana jai maharashtra and jai marathi manus!

  12. Yes I copied this from wiki. But this is only summery. Yaah Prathamesh is also good singer. But Arya is one of my favourites.so i vote for her.if i asked Yuvraj is better or Sachin what you say? We cant compare them both are good. But someone prefered Sachin!! Why?

  13. All champs r winners they r SAREGAMAPA u cant miss saa from RE RE FROM GA GA from PA they have diferrent qualities in their songs let expert jury take the decision. for us all r winners as they r too small in age
    so they should not be compared to any one.

  14. Hemant, I am sorry if I have sounded harsh, as you said I have gone through your post again, and I have felt that because you love these kids, you want them to learn more music.

    Judges always first encourage with good points and then point out mistakes, but this has been a long drag, sometimes they let it go, like you said kids have to improve, what they are presenting now is more of a natural talent. Some kids have spend more time singing and some have less, same goes with training.

    Some kids need more encouragement and help than others, it is not based on who deserves more praise, as they are trying to build a team. This is my view. Regards.

  15. Your are a Such Fanstik singer 7 Best of Luck for FINALY !!!! My wishes always with u .I know u will be the Winner of this Show coz All not only MAHARASHTRA People supporting u but hole INDIANS supporting .GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!!!!!!

    1. [Copying from other post]
      @Fanfare & Ameya,
      Please try and understand that this is declared as competition and Pallavi is repeatedly saying so that they will choose only one winner. I will be happy to see all five of them win provided they also include Shalmali and make it 6. Just to please everyone, she had to go out of this competition despite having merit. Also remember that Kartiki was once thrown out of competition by both votes and judges points. She came back because of the decision to take all three participants in the callback. Zee Marathi’s some actions have been unfair in spirit of competition.
      I really do not want to pull down anyone. But my point is to be fair with everyone. These are all children but the judges have got the wisdom of explaining them about their mistakes and help them improve. One will get irritated when someone makes mistake and judges call it great singing. They can keep quiet if they don’t want to point out mistakes. When a simple kaansen like me can understand where things are going wrong, I wonder how these taansens are not finding it out. I feel both Arya and Prathamesh have been at times not given their due praise and other candidates have got it by going overboard. Why is Arya denied a once more when some of the popular dance numbers get it? What I always do is listen to the original songs once I listen to the contestants and by far only Arya and Prathamesh are very close to original. Rohit is close to it only when he sings songs of Ajay-Atul and likes. Mugdha & Kartiki are many times far away from original compositions. Still I appreciate that Kartiki brings some originality in her songs and I am sure she will be a great singer. She needs a lot of training in classical music to reach where her potential is fully utilized.
      Request all to read my other posts as well before making strong statements. I feel I am not as extremist as some commentators are trying to say.

  16. Now what?kartiki won.hemant was ryt.kartiki got promoted .zee didnt showed votes or jury mks.fake competition.u think she got msgs that much 2 win the competition.prathmesh got 51 ni’s as they said.still he lost .worst ever finale.

  17. My heart stil cries for premature exit of ms.Shalmali frm ths shw.nywyz tht is thng of the past now.may the best kid won.bt my heart goes out for Arya.She is fantabulous singer.bt mugdha is also good.

    Can this EVER reach to Arya? One must listen to Arya & Kartiki while talking.Has any one ever heard carefully while Latadidi spoke? Arya can,for sure,fit to any kind of rendition.Its all SMS mirracle. I am die hard fan of Arya but never did any SMS.I dont trust self more than judges.15 lakh SMSs came in last 3hrs.Novice ruralites acted quickly on Kartiki’s side.Urbanites laxed or say-did know better.30% Net users,the highest share,voted for Arya clears all confusion.
    Now for Arya- Better you didnt win.Now you can concentrate on your studies and SANGIT SADHANA.Let little Kartiki enjoy the onslaught of HAPPINESS.She has far to go & is worth of enjoyment.Bright future awaits you.Thanx.
    By Prof.Shirish

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