Zee Saregamapa – Finally Rutuja Lad is appreciated

This week we finally saw Rutuja’s talent being appreciated. I was wondering how she did not directly reach the finals despite getting good marks. Looks like that has a good effect on her and she has bounced back. When all the hyped toppers showed complacency and some made really unforced errors as they say in tennis, Rutuja maintained her progress and sang really well. Not sure if she will win the finals as the competition is tough. But I certainly think she will and should be one of the top 3-4.

Rutuja Lad – Ghei Chhand Makarand

2 thoughts on “Zee Saregamapa – Finally Rutuja Lad is appreciated”

  1. rutuja stays close by my building!!!! she’s out guys!~!!!!!! had sent almost 2000 votes myself!!! bt still it din work despite gettin top marks + votes!!! shes sent out!!!!! i hate dat show nw!!!!!

  2. It is very sad to hear that today Apoorva Gajjala was injured in a car accident near Aurangabad. She was on a concert tour in Maharashtra. That shows that Maharashtra has appreciated Apoorva’s talent. She undoubtedly 1000 times better than Swarada Gokhale or Gurmila Chirkekar (Dhangar). Zee Marathi preplans the winner to please the government. Urmila was not even can touch the feet of Abhilasha Chellam. At least the janata janardan has senses to appreciate the talent. May God give Apoorva blessings for her speady recovery.

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