Zee Marathi Saregamapa is degrading itself

I am not sure if it is just my sentiments and personal views or is it really a general public opinion and I will be depending on readers’ comments to understand the ground level situation. This week, Apoorva Gajjala was eliminated from the current season of Zee Marathi Saregamapa and it hurt. I should so much be used to this now that in this country quality is not appreciated above the clan, cast dynamics. However, I am not getting that thick skinned. During the Little Champs season, when I was not happy about Kartiki getting mileage over Arya & Prathamesh I got lot of bashing and some of it was full of hatred. I did not take it much to heart and thought this was going to happen.

This time around, I am seeing the same story repeating again. How are quality singers who are consistently delivering again and again and again are first thrown out when they come back with vengeance and take their singing to even higher level than other competitors, they still are thrown out in the name of SMS. I think I had written it earlier and would like to repeat again that this whole SMS business is absolutely unfair. The 50% part of Judges’ marks is always pretty close deal. E.g. this week Swarada Gokhale – who was never upto the mark got about 92% and the top scorer Abhilasha Chellam the top scorer got about 98%+ percent. Making the total band of about 6-8% max. This means, the judges are not really pulling down any candidate beyond this small margin. Whereas in the SMS part, since the percentage is always going to be of total SMS, if one candidate becomes popular, the other one obviously goes down and for every vote the difference multiplies. So this 50-50 proportion is fake. The judges can’t throw anyone out of the competition directly but they can certainly help someone remain in competition by virtue of their comments.

Coming to the point straight, I am of the opinion that Swarada Gokhale has been really undeserving candidate to reach this level in the current competition. From the beginning of the season, there was a real lack of quality singing in the competition in general but the final 4 of the competition are definitely not the best where the difference between them should really be judged on the basis of  votes. The little champs had taken this program to such a peak that the natural progress from there was not going to be progress really but a slide down. But with two successive failures to deliver quality (Both Ajacha Awaj & Punha Nave), I feel this is going to hit the producers big time. Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar has already shared his bad experiences in Maharashtra Times Diwali issue and this season is also proving that the whole show is completely manipulated and not really a “reality” show. There is no way for any general viewer to audit the SMS numbers and by the format of the show, Zee Marathi would be doing more harm to their credibility/ trustworthiness if there is any sort of manipulation going on behind the scene.

We need Devaki Pandit back in this show for her ability to give much critical comments and not being so goody goody to the contestants. I am aware that such things have happened in the past and I had written about partiality of judges in earlier seasons as well. But then, if we are better today than tomorrow, or yesterday was better than today, we need to do something about this. BTW, due to unfairness of the SMS system, I have stopped voting and to some extent I am responsible and party to the unfairness but just like Indian democracy, I feel my vote would not make the difference that I want to see.