Zee Marathi – Kartiki Gaikwad wins and that was easy guess

Nothing beyond obvious. Kartiki wins the Saregamapa Little Champs and I never had doubt that she wont. This is democracy guys. My congratulations to Kartiki. She is a good singer and has great potential. This win will help her reach excellence. I had given some words of advise earlier and I am sure they have not gone well with some fans. Some people have also replied I don’t understand music and so on. One of the harsh realities of life are coming out with this competition. I was moved by the purity of  heart shown by these children and may God keep their hearts as pure as they are. That said still one has to be assertive in life and make judgments and give opinions. As much as we must respect the opinions of the people who made Kartiki win, I believe the opposite opinions should also get respect and the fair comments should be accepted without bias to go forward in life.

The old battle of casts seems to be engulfing us over the internet as well. As soon as the contest is over and news papers are making their pages open for comments, some real nasty comments are visible on the net already. See this link on eSakal giving news of Kartiki’s win. Some people have gone ahead and said that the losers (Is that the right word? No. Runner ups) did not get the trophy because of their surnames and the others have replied in the spirit of तुमचं ते प्रेम आणि आमचं ते लफडं? Now this kind of discussion is not going to lead us anywhere. It is going to bring back the issue of reservation back on the discussion boards of internet and it’s going to turn really ugly fight.

See the system we have here and the kind of arguments we hear. If you are from so called upper class and give comment about someone who is a little less performer but from so called lower class, then you are criticizing just because he/she is from lower cast. If you are from SCUC (so called upper class) and you promote the good performer from SCUC, you are still racists. There is a deductive conclusion drawn here.When you praise SCUC performer, the SCLC performer is bad hence you are racist. Now if you are from SCUC and you praise someone from SCLC, then the SCUC people think this guy is paid to promote. Where the fact could be both – you are trying to promote the candidate and say some good words to encourage OR you are really paid (not directly always… but may be instructed to do so by those who pay you) In today’s world most of the minds pick up the negative option. So whichever way you go you are killed.

Fortunately Zee Marathi has one advantage. The judges in Marathi give detailed comments compared to its Hindi counterpart. Also they don’t give 100% marks to everyone every time. They do grade the performers. My request would be to consider the total marks of each candidate in this show. Whatever anyone may call me, I still believe, Arya is best because of her versatility and Prathamesh second because he is reaching for excellence in his chosen path and has got best scores so far. I would rate Kartiki as third on merit. She definitely has great voice quality. It is clean and her throw is very powerful and the rustic feel is suitable for the songs she likes, but one must remember she was thrown out of the competition once because of poor marks as well as SMSes. The call back episode did the magic for her. Luck by chance? I am clearing all my doubts about Zee Marathi’s intention purely because of the fact that they announced equal scholarship for all these top five candidates.

That said the system for final results was itself faulty. Come what may it was going to chose the popular candidate. Correction… the candidate with most SMSes/ votes. That is the reason why I said it was predictable result. I tried my level best to promote the candidate who was not strong in that area at all. Arya always had some of the lowest scores in SMS/ votes. Consider this… All the judges were going to give marks to the champs out of say 100. So Arya’s gain did not mean anyone else’s loss. So when you compare the marks, the band in which these five champs would have fallen was going to be  narrow in any case. Whereas in the vote side, someone’s gain is other candidate’s loss. This is because it is based on the fact that the pie is limited. Total size of the pie was always going to be 100% and it was going to be eaten completely. So every vote popular candidate got made others go down faster. Now you know how India votes. Don’t you. Most of the SCUC people will vote few times at the most and they will feel that this is fair enough. How much you can bend your principles? (I am not claiming that these are the only people with principles. That would be deductive conclusion.)  Where as the fans of popular candidates use the system and express their emotions full heartedly. For them it is love for their own people. This is what majority of the India is. So the results are not shocking at all. I was shocked only once. Not this time.

Coming back to the ugly discussion on the cast of the champs, the entire system in India is not a self correcting system. It is by default a self degrading system if not maintaining status quo. Just a few days back the leader of a cast group demanding reservations for them was saying that the people of his cast were landlords and rich earlier but now they have gone down from that state and hence need reservation. What an argument. The system which you have is bringing you down and still you want to find a solution within the same system? I had written about this sometime back and I am giving link to that article here. My short solution is that from now on do not ask anyone his cast and abolish the entire reservation system immediately.  All deserving candidates must be given scholarships based on their economic situation and not on their cast. Jobs should go only to the merit where skill is required for low or unskilled jobs once again lower income people should be given preference.

If there is no record of your cast, you don’t have it. Let a person choose his last name whatever he likes. One thing is sure that within few years there is no alternative to merit. If we manage to abolish the cast system or in any case when this system continues,  in few years India will see 97% reservation, the competition will be worse than today and only merit will win. Till date no where in the world a system has emerged which is purely based on merit. So I know it is a mirage but then who stops you from dreaming. The world around me is getting better than tomorrow but I need to keep up hope that in India somewhere something positive is happening. I hope again that Kartiki’s of this world are not surrounded by the “Contractor” kind of characters portrayed by Atul Parchure. She strives for excellence in whatever she does. Maharashtra will get a great singer for folk, semi classical, devotional and gazal music. I also hope that the others do not get frustrated by this result. Kartiki is their friend and she did not consider her to be separate from them. She did not send all those SMSes to separate her from others and all of them strive for excellence and nothing less in their career. All the best to all of them. I don’t want anyone of them to be the lost talent of reality.

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  1. First of all I would like to admit that I’m disappointed by the result.
    In my opinion Arya was better positioned to win the championship. She has exhibited her veratility in all genres of singing. Be it lavni, natya-sangeet, bhav-geet etc. Such a range was not shown by any other candidate be it Prathamesh (he is a very good classical singer in making though) or Kartiki (she has that pure, rustic voice as of Anand Shinde or Viththal Umap).
    More over considering the fact that this Little Champion of Marathi SRGMP will be pitted in Hindi SRGMP Championship (am I right?) Arya is better equipped to give toughest fight in that arena.
    Anyways the winner is selected by some respected judges who know music lot better than me. So three cheers for Kartiki.
    And for god’s sake let us get out of this caste rut which is further weakening already weak bond among all Marathi people. Let us stand united as Marathi people. Why can’t we follow ideologies of Great Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who gave more importance to qualities than caste?
    Jai Maharashtra!

  2. It was a disappointing show… Not to mention the result… I am not a music expert to comment on the quality of sining of all the five champs… But it was quite clear (even to people like me) that Arya and Prathamesh were the best.. Arya slightly better – as she was able to sing all types songs with supreme ease…. superbly versatile… And Prathamesh for his classical and natyasangit… and overall technical supremacy…. Mugdha is too small but she will be good… Kratiki was also good – she had a different voice…. rohit was a true performer…

    Ideally all five should have been declared champs.. but if you had to select one – it had to be Arya or Prathamesh – in that order….

    Now some questions… the show shown on TV seemed to be wrapped up very fast… The reaction of the participants and judges and everyone around seemed quite artificial…. as if everyone knew what the result was…

    In fact 2-3 weeks ago there were news that Kartiki was going to be a winner… and I honestly rubbished that news – coz I thought its still 3 weeks away and lot of sms judges marks are yet to come…. and I thought its just some stupid rumoours… Now I really dont know if its true… and I am thinking – that there is no smoke without fire….

    Honestly ZEE Marathi has a lot of answring to do… right from the Callback farce…. why did Shamika/ Sagar/ Ketaki and one more champ not come for the callback? Obviously – this was a chance of a lifetime – Shamika said a day before that she would be coming for call back and suddenly she is absent?? I can understand 1 or 2 having some personal problems (even that is giving a benefit of doubt to Zee) – but 4 of them not coming?? Surely that was completely fishy…. and Zee Marathi didnt give any explanations for that.. They tried to cover it up by calling all champs – but Shamika was absent even at the finals.. Surely something is fishy….

    About the results – its surely shocking… No disrespect to Kartiki – but honestly Arya and Prathamesh were better… Gossip is that a non-brahmin winner was needed…. Dont know how true this is – and what the reason for such nonsense… but this (if true) is a very dangerous trend)…. at least dont mix politics with kids guys…..

    and think what effect it will have on Kartiki if people start pointing fingers at her…

    anyways… I completely agree that if the winner is going to be decided on his social status – its absurd… and completely ridiculous….

    also the oevrall episode was disappointing.. The songs sung by the little champs were the same that they had already sung in earlier episodes… I thought the individual episodes were much interesting and power packed….

    I for one – am totally disappointed with Zee Marathi saregama… I used to watch it with great interest – but I feel it has lost its credibility… I dont think I am goinng to watch future episodes with any great interest….

  3. so, this means to say zee tv had made any caste difference, kartiki has performed various type of song. She did not sang only popular song of lata didi and asha bhonsale. no dout arya is good singer. This does’t mean that they have selected non brahmin.

  4. very very disappointing result…..
    prathmesh ,arya ,mugdha deserved much more than her
    she dont have playback quality voice .
    well its all fixed

  5. Some PREETI – has already made a comment on 6 Jan 09 on one of the blogs on this site – that the result is already fixed and Kartiki is the winner – What should we call PREETI? Nostradamus or someone having insider information??

    Jokes apart – its SICK…. Zee losing all its credibility….

  6. i am complettly agree with preeti. I thing this is not a main result, when the all five singer when come in megafinal this is the true result. is a maharashtra cup cricket match. where only man of the match is gives to kartiki. and the four half winners is the players. l am marathi i wont speck that.
    arya your realy very pretty and your voice is more than.nugdha tu khupach sunder aahes. prathemesh aani rohit you best. kartiki vizeta goshit zalyawar ‘kartikicha vizay asoo’ he bolun khup motha maan dakhwlus. prathdmesh, rohit, mugdha, arya, kartiki mala tumahala pahayeche hote pan nahi pahu shakalo. me sataryacha aahe. zar chukun punyat kinwa alandit bhet zali ter arya aani kartiki ek sahi nakkich dya.

    tari awaghya maharashtrala
    ze tumhi paagal kelet tyasathi thanks’s. arya tula 10 th standerd sathi best of luck.
    tumha sarwana kadhich visaru shakat naahi.

    I LOVE YOU all

    amit virkar . from thane (w).
    no. 9773696336
    e-mail [email protected]


  7. Dear Arya, For me, you are the best of the lot. This srgmp farce only means that you are destined for better things. The same goes for Shamika and Prathamesh and Rahul.

  8. I do not agree- KArtiki and Prthamesh were the only deserved champs- ofcourse- all were different and best amongst anyone else in the competition- Prathamest and Kartiki had CLEAR and CORRECT notes always- never missed any higher and lower notes- Prathamesh was a little less on Popularity front- but Im sure- he’s never going to turn back after this great break- the guy has DIVINE VOICE- and so does Kartiki- her voice touches SOUL- divine- just divine- and I never felt that in any of Arya’s performances- although she is many times perfect in notes- I also do not like her voice quality frankly!
    Mugdha is a sweetheart and needs more polishing and development- Barrier AGE only!
    Rohit needs to work hard- but has that ability too- even his voice quality is not as good as kartiki and Prathamesh..
    Prathamesh and Kartiki are the best- UNDOUBTEDLY- and there is no caste creed race religion to SUR- MUSIC- please dont manipulate little children by youer dirty thoughts-

    Ther was not even any competition amongst them- they were singing for thier happiness- and thats what needs to be sought– PEOPLE KEEP AWAY-





  10. Hey shyam,there was jury but do u know if they gave any marks.in the finals also,the voting was till 9 pm .but they wasnt having anything in der hand to write on.zee just 4 people introduced them.we dont no if they actually did anything.prathmesh got 51 ni’s still he lost.mugdha u think she will get less votes.there was hugh campaign .even der was music video”mugdha zindabad”.zee got d money.then why kartiki won.singing was equal but sms???why they chose 5 finalists they could have taken final in all 12.waste of 6 mnths.kartiki is not darkhorse.she is winner bcoz of zee.1st time srgmp chose undeserving one.shreya goshal,sonu nigam,debojit,vaishali made and many more.wont vote 4 her if she given entry in hindi lil champs

  11. I am a Gujarati not knowing much of Marathi language. I understand only music and I have never watched any music programme with such avidity (except Anweshaa’s SVOICU)

    I was not at all surprised that Kartiki won the contest.
    She has a better mastery over sur, Taal and is best at both lower notes and higher notes. She has both rustic and sexy qualities to her gifted voice which is very rare. I think she is going to be another Asha tai’s clone.

    All the talk of Brahmi/Non Brahmin does not cut ice with me. Kartiki deserved the crown as much as any other contestant. The public was more with her than the others and that is the end of it.
    Jana Gamya is what she is and none can take away the crediyt from her.
    Arya would be a great singer and so would be Rohit and Prathamesh.
    So take it easy folks.

    Kartiki Devincha Vijay Asso….



  12. The five lil champs could have been given prizes under different categories. Each one, without doubt is talented and superb in performance. But where PL excelled in classical, Rahul in combo style; others were more all rounders. To render so many songs to perfection is a hard task in itself at such a young age. The champs are in an age group where they all need appreciation and support.
    They are all winners- of our hearts. Best of luck to ALL OF THEM.

  13. Yes, Kartiki is the Best cause she sang the song which you never heard and after listening it you are also singing that song. The song which is popular that nayone can sing who knows music. But the songs which are composed by her father as sung by her was awaysome. That makes difference……..

    “KARTIKI Devinch Vijay aso…..”

  14. It is very disappointing to link this to castism.
    The show was great, it had every one hooked for the past 6 months. Children were brilliant.
    Though they were competing, it was a healthy one.

    More than the children themselves, parents are volatile when it comes to a competition and their children loosing (we have seen this in Hindi Sa Re Ga Ma Pa for children). It did not happen here. Most importantly, there was no drama, camera entering contestants homes and showing the poverty and tears which makes the viewers uneasy…

    So in all, the past 6 months was a treat for us. We all enjoyed, why would we want to muddy such beauiful feelings now….

  15. What a blunder this SMS and Juries did?
    51 ni, great appreciation by Hrudayanathji Usha Mangeshkaji, Suresh Wadkarji and laot many manyavar judjes. Avadhut lifted him repetedly on dias for his rendition.Purity of voice. Appreciation of Sachin,Guts to put Denanathji on dias….
    Shear nonsensical result
    No transperacy
    No hirarchy declared , No losing magins were known
    Shear cooked khichadi after feast for music lovers for six months.

  16. Mr Jalaram, Thanks. Very Balanced outstanding comments….Miles ahead critisizm.

    On February 11th 12:02 AM, jalaram said:
    And lastly – all you people attacking Kartiki’s victory – you are trying to count stars while the Sun is out – perhaps you are not able to stare directly at the Sun (Kartiki’s victory), and are desperately trying to view 49 other stars blanked out by her brightness.

    On February 10th 11:02 PM, jalaram said:
    The only contestant whose songs I can remember are Kartiki’s. All others sounded like familiar singers. Only Kartiki was able deliver new and unknown songs and make me hum them constantly. So – the decision was basically correct – ring out the old and ring in the new !

    On February 10th 11:02 PM, jalaram said:
    So many people are upset with Kartiki becoming the winner. I cannot understand that. Is it because her style is folksy and scholarly? The scholars of music should remember that music comes from people to scholars, not the other way around. Music is a natural human talent, not a learned one. Those who criticize Kartiki’s victory have simply forgotten this simple fact, and are blinded by a scholarly perspective of music.

    On February 10th 11:02 PM, jalaram said:
    Indians need to get inspired by Kartiki for bravely being original and innovative. For long, Indians have got stuck with the mentality of copying others. That is India’s biggest weakness. We think book knowledge is the most superior. And we have lost the will to innovate. In Kartiki, I see a determination to innovate without fear. For that alone she deserved the prize. Learn from little Kartiki !

    On February 10th 11:02 PM, jalaram said:
    All the contestants were good. However, 49 of them were trying to be as good as someone else (like other famous singers). Only Kartiki was brave enough to be herself and sing in her own style. For that alone, she deserved the prize. And she did so successfully that I cannot get her performances out of my mind. I am 40 years old and live far away from India, yet I am humming her songs again and again.

    On February 10th 11:02 PM, jalaram said:
    Kartiki won based purely on her talent – not on any other basis. Remember Devaki Pandit’s comment on her singing – she said she has a unique voice and she advised Kartiki not to copy anyone’s voice. That is the point where it was clear Kartiki was the winner. No matter how much I try, I can’t help listening to Kartiki’s performances again and again. Sure, the others were technically superior – but that is not the only criteria – the most important thing that decides a good singer is not music education – because music comes from the heart, not books. Really Zee should be congratulated that they discovered a gem from the soil inspite of knowing that many people would oppose this decision. Kartiki is the best – no doubt about it for me!

    On February 10th 11:02 PM, anna said:
    लतादिदि कुठे आहेत ? भुमिगत झाल्या का ? त्यांना लिटल चांपबद्दल काहिच वाटत नाहि?…रसिकांनी त्याना मोठे केले आहे … त्यांचीही जबाबदारी ठरते… त्यांनी या मुलांना प्रोत्साहन दिलेच पाहिजे… कौतुक केले पाहिजे! इतर सर्व दिग्गज खुल्या दिलाने बोलताहेत….

  17. hi All,

    we should also consider one possibility that their might be a lot of pressure on Zee Marathi from this incumbent Govt, regarding selecting someone from backward community.
    This Govt can do anything to gobble up vote banks. really take my word for granted. This whole caste system should be scrapped.
    Only Merit counts and nothing else.

  18. if you see the reactions of the judges and pallavi, they were completely artificial.
    I would not like to comment on how kartiki sung through her journey in SRGMP little champs, but still Aarya or prathamesh deserved the crown.

    There is clearly a pressure form govt regarding selection of Kartiki.

    I think we should have a “no vote” policy in the comming elections.
    I really would not like to cast a vote to such party that is playing with peoples sentiments.
    Uproot this caste system.. without that India doesn’t stand a chance in this new world.

  19. now i think i should change my surname and them participate in compitition
    hey hemant,but didnt get u abt the brahmin non brahmin part,
    i am bad in getting caste by surname but from ur previous posts i think prathmesh was brahmin so what abt others???
    caste did matter in this program atleast from the results.and the kosambi,bhaisne made,gaikwad selection says all.
    waiting for govt decision abt champs coz when harshwardhan patil came he said “govt dakhal gheil”they wont to anything.

    hey hemant u have any pics of the arya’s mirvanuk in pune.pls upload if u have

    and yes missing our best critic fanfare never saw him after finales

  20. How much did the idea cellular earn with the SMS voting? That is the crux of the matter. It is all about money, honey! May we know how the judges voted? All said and done, it was a great show.
    Lil champs, may you all continue to conquer us with your voice.

  21. Let please stop this ugly nonsense. Why we are doing this things is beyond my imagination. Or is it “Marathi Vruti” to pull some one down.

    Just forgot everything and remembe what happiness all these paricipent gave us. It was memorable. For me it does not matter who won and who loss. Even participent may have not worring for that. For all five are marvels and we should apritiate Avadhut and Vishali to find that..

  22. The songs may be technically perfect, but if the words are not touching the heart they are not ‘real’.
    It feels mechanically perfect and that anand is ‘puna: pratyacha’ anand.

    Anand of originality is different.

    This reality show, of all the reality shows, is close to reality and far away from artificial reality. (By the way there is a good article on reality show, on back page of Jan ’09 of Kaalnirnay:-)

    Those who are whining are not close to reality and in the artificial world, away from the fabric of the real society and have become dry.(they think, they are better in politics than music, actually they are not good even in politics, otherwise they could have got their candidates ahead, so in politics also they are loosers, God help them grow)

  23. The results are definitely not satisfactory. As per my opinion, it was only Prathamesh who deserved to win it.I don’t think it is essential to mention his qualities. If one has followed the entire composition, he is the only candidate who never received any advise for his ‘misical sense’ from anyone. I think this itdelf was his greatest achievement, he has completely acquired the ‘sur’ and its needless to say that it needs a high perseverence and dedication. Leveling him with the non-classical singers is really very improper. However any new so called music composers may deny classical music is the base of music. Performance is not at all a part of being ‘surel’. So if the channel claims that it is a competition of singing, there is no other winner than Prathamesh.
    It enormously pains me to see the entire classical music community insulted by this type of results. Its not a competition for audition of TV channel performers, its ‘music’, I hope people soon realize that the channel is simply promoting the people who can work for the small screen.
    Finally wish to say that may God give Prathamesh enough wisdom to know the level of the so called musical taste of public including many of the judges . Wish himm all the best and tons of success in his further life. I am sure it is only Prathamesh whom all will see in future as an independent and potential ‘music perfomer’.
    Keep going great Prathamesh, such you have a much much bright future.More-ever you are and you will enjoy the highest quality of divine pleasure from your own singing which is far far ahead than the success of such competitions.
    Lots of luck and lots of love!!

  24. The worst decision taken by Zee Marathi that kartiki is winner of little champs. Arya & prathmesh is the best and capable for “Udyacha Aawaz” advertisement. & if kartiki wons saregamap why not Mugdha she is also best from kartiki.

  25. The worst decision of zee marathi saregamap that kartiki wons little champs. Prathamesh & Arya were the best. & if kartiki wons then why not Mugdha she is also best than Kartiki. I think results is managed. Je khare Shrote aahet tyanchya bhavnanshi khelu nako asa mediala molacha salla aahe.

  26. The SRGMP result is a completely commercial one. It is Masses vs Classes.What sells today gets preference. More people will be interested in listening to Kobadi Palai.. rather than Shoora Mi Vandile. Kajarare will be in demand compared to any Lata classic.

    The life has become fast and hence people prefer fast paced songs.. who cares about perfection.. So.. kartiki and Rohit fit in that module. Kartiki won coz of SMSs.. more sms from masses while Arya / Prathamesh et al got less sms from the classes..

    Simple.. thats India of Today and Tomorrow.. it is simple supply / demand equation..

    Though it can not be ruled out that the other lil champs knew beforehand about possibility of Kartiki’s win.. as none of them were surprised.. and were cool (should I say indifferent?) towards the result..

    I guess nothing to do with caste or anything..it is just commercial…so be it..

  27. Suppose that all judges gave each one 100% marks. That leaves us with the Great Indian rope trick called SMS. You can have a robot punching the same code a million times or you can have as many idiots to punch the number for you. That is democracy!
    A great show all said and done.

  28. I saw the ‘marathon’ last Sunday. Decency demands that the best of all songs should be broadcast for everyone to enjoy. But not for little Mugdha, the youngest of all. They had to show the one where she faltered. Was that necessary? Whoever thought of it should have cared for the little monitor’s feelings. Remember she lasted the whole six months and they had to show the one song which was not her best.

  29. I think the result was fair. I see many people say it was biased etc. I agree Arya was good, but so was Kartiki. Only edge Kartiki had over Arya was her voice which is unique. Prathmesh is a class act, and great classical singer in making and was second best. Cute little doll Mugdha was very very sweet, but she is so small and at the end she sounded bit tired; May be because competition dragged too long. Rohit is good entertainer. I think lets respect judges as they are expert in their field and not insult them by saying they were biased.


  31. Happened to see this after many yrs. My comments may be very late but do agree with the writer. Yes, Indeed it was very distressing to such huge disappointment. It spoiled the complete series. Arya was the best followed by Prathamesh then Shalmili.

    1. After so many years the champs have moved ahead in life. Arya is getting some good work but still looking for appreciation of her beauty. Prathamesh had a promising start but now struggling as he needs a guru who can take him ahead from here. Mugdha is on right track but she needs to mellow down in her singing style. Shalmali on other hand is doing small but really good work. Given opportunity she will be a good playback in any language. Shamika started learning from Ashwinitai but I think she is not progressing much. She probably suspects/knows conspiracy or favourotism in the industry and has gone in negative zone. Kartiki in fact was benefited from the award. She has now learned classical and that is helping her. But she has to rediscover herself with these new learning. There is too much competition even with her rustic voice. I feel to some extent this competition helped most of them but it is also a blocker in their future career. Hope they realize who they really are and do course correction.

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