Pause & Shift + Delete

There has been a long pause from my side after the finals of Zee Marathi SRGMP Little Champs final. I am not really in state of shock but nothing really happened to write on. I was planning to write on the new SRGMP show aani आजचा आवाज वगैरे पण …
From the first episode itself, this show did not excited me. Most of my family members reacted that after the Little Champs, it looks like that this today’s voice needs training. Little champs were far better at presenting old songs. I could not agree more. I am wondering will this be the future of little champs as well?
Also what Pt. Hridaynathji said about having a nice mehfil and bringing out a CD etc. seems to be a far fetched idea as of now. There are hardly any new songs and although Pallavi keeps saying what a great performance to everyone, my mind does not agree.
One of the good parts is to hear Pt. Hridaynathji. His comments are really excellent feedback. He is honest and does not favour anyone. Suresh Wadkar… I feel that when you have someone like Panditji sitting next to you, you can only say “मम”.
Life has taken an unexpected turn and after the first episode, I am in US for company work. I will not be watching the show live as earlier. May be I will get to see repeat telecasts, but unless I hear something out of the world, my fingers will not let me blog about this show.
That’s pause for the time being….
You tube once again has shown its magic and our beloved friend ahonkan‘s account seems to have been suspended once again. Should be thank or curse someone for this? Did Zee Marathi complained to You Tube now that they are marketing Little Champs songs and videos? I thinks there is a huge community out of Maharashtra and India who are dying to get this treat for their ears. Zee Marathi will not feel any impact on their sells if they allow these videos to be online. It in fact is adding to their TRP. I am hopeful that they have not taken any such step and ahonkan will be back soon with all his videos intact. Let it be just a Delete and not Shift+Delete… you know what I mean.

2 thoughts on “Pause & Shift + Delete”

  1. Hi Hemant,
    Nice to see you back….. I was eager to read soemthing from you on this…… never mind that you are away, you can still get teh updates !!!
    If you ask me, मला हे पर्व बघताना सारखी little champs ची आठवण येत होती.
    Kids have set such a high benchmark !!!!
    काल मधुराने म्हटलेले आर्याचे गाणे अजीबात जमले नाही. आणि संजीवनीने म्हटलेले मुग्धाचे गाणे तर तिच्या आसपासही फिरकू शकले नाही.
    त्यातून एक अवधूत सोडला तर बाकी दोघांच्या कमेन्ट अत्यंत सुमार आणि पडीक होत्या….. There is absolutely no liveliness in anybody…be it judges, pallavi, musicians or studio audience…(आणि त्या उदेश उमप, अमोल बावडेकर या दोघांवर का एवढी मेहेरबानी चालली आहे काही कळत नाही !!!!)
    Boss, Little Champs संपल्यावर खरे तर शो मधला प्राण निघून गेल्यासारखे झाले आहे 🙁
    Everybody is witnessing vast difference between quality of our little champs and these so called आघाडीचे गायक ….

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