MLA slapped in Maharashtra Assembly

थोडी गंमत-

कळविण्यास अत्यंत आनंद होत आहे की चि. अ. आ. (A. A.) जो आपले श्री. रोख ठोक (R.T)  यांचे तालावर डोलत नव्हता तो आता आजचे तरुण संगीतकार व श्री. ऱोख ठोक यांचे शिष्य श्री. राम कदम यांनी वाजविलेल्या ढोलकीवरील थापेला प्रतिसाद देऊन अ आ इ ई शिकण्यास सुरुवात करणार आहे. (या ढोलकीला गेंड्याची कातडी होती असे अनधिककृत सूत्रांकडून कळले आहे).

परंतु प्रसिद्ध नृत्यांगना टकाटक ताथैया यांनी मात्र कदम यांच्या तालावर नाचण्यास नकार दिला आहे.

A lot of people who everyday want to slap someone who is breaking rules and showing arrogance are happy that finally there is one music director who has courage to slap this political drum.

As long as such drums are beaten up to raise the voice of common sense, people will appreciate the music of Mr. Rokh Thok. If the music director becomes a drum, people will loose hope in listening to good music.

Mr. A.A was not asked to stop corrupt practices or stop creating vote bank based on religion, which was impossible for him. He was simply asked to respect language of the land. Why show so much of arrogance?

Question is: Is slapping someone violence?
Haven’t you slapped someone who bullied you? If you have not, you are a loser.
Did you not enjoy the incidence when a journo threw shoe at Dubyaman? Dear journos, he was from the same profession of yours, but I did not hear you slamming him!
When good people get murdered(Remember the poor civil engineer in Bihar working on National Highway Project?) does anyone have the persistence to take up this matter till the “real” criminals are punished? Then why do the journos ask RT to be punished when he was not even in the assembly?

How come the politicians in Bihar are praised for their management skills despite being criminals? Our attitude is “अरे वो तो बिहार है भैय्या। बम्बई (not मुंबई) नही। बम्बई मे ऐसा नही चलेगा।” Mumbai by nature needs to be civilized. Isn’t it? Mr. A.A. you should thank God that you are in Maharashtra and are just slapped. Try showing your arrogance in these states and see if you come back alive. (E.g. Tell Mr. M. Yadav that you are from Maharashtra and will speak only in Marathi while in U. P. and then see if you get ticket in the election.)

Some times common sense is lost. I read in comments on news articles that some people are asking where was MNS when 26/11 happened. But the real issue was where was NSG when 26/11 happened? They were waiting for a plane to take them to Mumbai. Who is responsible for this? How come the same Home Minister returns and no one cares?

Caution for MNS. One slap is too many. I think each time you raise your voice, ensure that it is for something good for common man and not something symbolic. There are lot of hopes from Mr. R.T. and after hitting sixer on first bowl batsmen like Tendulkar take single and give strike to other batsman.

[Please note: These are strictly my opinions and have nothing to do with the company I work for. I work in and respect multi-cultural work environment as long as the natives are not looked down just because they are natives. In my opinion, little bit of aggression to stop people from showing disrespect to you is justified. Any aggression causing physical disability, injury to my own countrymen or public property is violence and not acceptable. E.g. MNS party workers burning buses and beating SP party workers is not acceptable and vice a versa. I believe that there is limit to everything in life and if used “judiciously” even strong emotions like anger, hatred, crying can help a person grow and get good work done.]

One thought on “MLA slapped in Maharashtra Assembly”

  1. ram kadam saheb namskar,
    saheb marathi manoos mumbai baher jatoy
    marathi mansasathi swastat ghare banwoon
    tyana mumbait rahudya he kam tumhich karu
    shakta. tachech koparkhairne yethe cidcochi
    chalitil madhadichi ghare khup varshapasun
    tashich khali padun aahet ti jari garibana dili
    tari bare hoil.
    apla marathi manoos kuni ghar deta ka ghar
    ashi natsamratchya appasarkhya ashewar ahe

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