Hridaynath Mageshkar’s Mesmerizing Shoora Mee Vandile (शूरा मी वंदिले)

Past two evenings have been really mesmerizing. Thanks to the excellent program by Zee Marathi on their Saregamapa Little Champs special for sixtieth Republic Day of India. Zee TV on this occasion of Republic day took all the little champs to NDA in my home town Pune. They also invited parents and siblings of the Martyrs from Indian armed forces.When the champs started singing, each song was followed by some really touching experiences from these parents and an appeal to all Indian parents to send their children to join the armed forces and to the young generation to join.

I was particularly touched by two incidents about the way our army men are fighting war in Siachen glacier and the mishaps of MIG 21 fighter planes. I am sure these must have brought tears to millions of viewers watching the show. Finally Hridaynath had to wake us up to the reality that the theme of the show is bravery and we should not shed tears but celebrate our freedom and the martyrdom of those who died for our country like they did. From there the program really took a different turn and we were all charged up listening to songs and then stories of Shivaji Raje and Veer Savarkar.

This was followed by second episode of the same theme today. While watching the program I was in the same era of Shivaji, 17th century and the Adilshahi, Mughals and the wisdom of Shivaji, his justice, his vision and what not. But then I made a mistake of switching to the news channel after the program and I was awaken by harsh reality of today.

On one hand we have a media channel, which was telling us about the glorious past and trying to bring spark of nationalism in us and on the other hand we had the news channel reporters shooting the heinous incident of few goons beating up the girls and women in a pub calling them prostitutes. The media it seems knew about the incident but did not inform the police and did not even try to stop those goons from attacking the women. Two exactly opposite characters in the same business.

For most of the time we see the name of Shivaji being used by the political leadership in Maharashtra. No doubt Shivaji was the greatest king in India, but all those stories of winning the wars and all get much too attention than the ruling system Shivaji implemented in Maharashtra. So we know the Shivaji at war with the then Yavani, Mlenchh rulers of Maharastra but we don’t know much about the Shivaji during the peace time. We have war going on at the borders almost on daily basis but what about the war inside? The Marathi leaders are waging war against each other. Hardly few think about the welfare of the state. So how does Shivaji in peace time should affect them? Do let us know if you want those principals to be followed.

Finally, about the quote of Winston Churchill, Hridaynath was siting – Don’t you think that despite all the efforts taken by the revolutionaries and freedom fighters, India has become a land where humans live like animal herds? We get angry at his remarks, but eventually they are becoming true. So we have still not won the war against this British man. Like one of the mother of a martyr pilot said: Not everyone needs to take sword in his hand, but if he does his job well and feels his responsibility towards the country, it is more than enough. Going forward, I would say, we also now need to unite and make others perform their duty. The good human beings do not tolerate injustice.

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  1. bit- that was a typo. since obviously there is no such word as buit. where as ‘shed’ versus ‘shade’ shows you don’t differentiate between the meanings of the two terms. ! You really need to write better- marathi lokani hee kalaji ata jaast ghetali pahije mhanun sangitale- awadale nasel tar visarun ja.

  2. 😀 You should read all comments on my blog also on मला खात्री आहे की तुला केस उपटावेसे वाटतील. (कुणाचे ते तू ठरव 🙂 ). I know the difference between the two words and shed is used rarely compared to shade in my daily work. So you can treat it as typo as well. I like people with eye for detail and I am open for improvement. Also wanted to return the favour (In US English it is spelled favor) and see how you react. I enjoyed your reply. Keep your comments coming in.

  3. great . good to know you know the difference( baryach lokana mahit nasata ani mahi asanyachi garaj watat nahi). henceforth i will treat your spellos as typos:-)giving you the benefit of doubt. it is great to see so many people commenting on this totally adorable programme.

  4. Shivaji in peacetime was an exemplar of all the best management priciples that one can learn in Bschools.. (Ramdasancha Dasbodh he ek uttam udaharan ahe management che. Tyanchya sarakhe guru ani Shivaji sarakha shishya asalyawar peace time would be heavenly for the masses. )

  5. Guys
    why do u care much about english? it’s not our language. firangi bhasheche evdhe tension gheu naka. In fact americans make mistakes many times.
    BTW hemant u have really a nice blog.

  6. Read your article, really good one.
    Mr Fanfare — whoever you are , atleast appriciate his effort, u are those typical guys who more than participating in any event would like to stand at one corner and pick on the participants error. Would really like to see your article, and then see your language.
    Just remember thought is important than the technicality of the language.
    British gaye but Fanfare ko chodh gayeeee

  7. This episode shows that Arya & Prathamesh are the real winners.
    Arya,you are the greatest singer in the world.
    God bless you.

  8. मित्रांनो भाषेबद्दल काळजी करू नका. तुम्हाला काय म्हणायचे त्याचा विपरीत अर्थ होणार नाही याची काळजी घ्या. मराठीतून लिहिलेत तर कमी त्रास पडेल. त्यासाठी वर जाऊन तो फॉंट download करून ईपत्र लिहायला शिका. ते टाईप करणे सोपे आहे व मातृभाषेचा सरावही होईल.

  9. Hemant this is realy good article.
    This episode once again shows that Arya and Prathamesh are real winners.
    Best of luck Arya.

  10. These little champs hv given a new life 2a teacher who had once given up everything for a nation taking an oath of life long celebacy.Its me.i had gone fatigue of these self centered -unpatriotic need 2consider few “NATIONALS” & they never received their due respect.i had started hating Indians & their thousandsa of things like de celebrate spirited 31Dec while look at 15Aug as holiday opportunity.few thousand British ruled 40 crores for 150yrs. Its Leave it. Last 3months these little ones r enliving me. Especially Aarya. Her sang patriotic song literally acted like last punch 2my heart & my dying spirit got life.I heartily feel dat she shud become another Lata or Suman. I hv many many things 2tell her..but its impossible.nyway,i wish her best luck.Thanx for reviving a teacher.

  11. I can understand that all the puneris feel strongly for Arya. But I feel we are ( I am a true-blue puneri and I like Arya- a lot) being very unfair in saying she alone revied spirits, she alone sang well and so on. This is downright false. All the singers are superb- each in his/her own way. Mugdha personifies innocence- I search her the moment the programme starts. Prathamesh epitomizes perfection and technical soundness. Arya- yes , she is our Pune girl and is fabulous in her renditions. kartiki- brings a totally unadulterated , purity and charm, Rohit- I like him for his playful atitude and versatality. they are all working so hard to amke thsi programme what it si. Why do you keep getting hyper and sloganize this whole thing towards Arya?
    if you are a true Punekar you will acknowledge talent wherever it si- pune or elsewhere. Pt Bhimsen joshi hails from karanataka but we all love him, don’t we? Please don’t forget our true culture of nurturing talent without any regard for such artificial reginal borders! that’s not very Puneri!!

  12. hey fanfare,i have told u that if the whole maharashtra feels d same it will be good but thats not going to happen which is really sad.

    mahrashtar shld find talent and not vote on regionality

  13. Hemant,
    Farach sundar article, dhanyavad. Mahatvache sagale mudde chhan mandale aahet. Aagadi shevati, “Not everyone needs to take sword in his hand, but if he does his job well and feels his responsibility towards the country, it is more than enough” he agadi khare aahe.

    Pt. ji ni lahan mlana gheun hya mdhyamadvare 2 mahan characters, Shivaji(kalatit) va Swatantravir Savarkar, hyanchya baddal passion ubhi keli. Madhyamcaha evdha changla prabhavi upayog far quachit baghalya milato.

    Parat ekda dhanyavad

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