Zee Marathi Saregamapa – Shocking Result. Shalmali Out of race

If Ketaki’s departure was unfortunate, Shalmali’s departure cannot be anything less than shocking. When there is a competition, only the best need to be chosen and yesterday’s results proved why democracy is failing not just in India but world wide. People never choose the best candidate. I am also responsible partially for this shocking result as I did not vote for Shalmali. Who could have imagined that Shalmali will go out of this race?

In the episode aired in Diwali & one after that, Rohit was doing badly. He was not able to sing and as Avadhoot Gupte pointed out yesterday that yesterday for the first time he sang rather than performed. I believe, he got lot of sympathy vote this time causing Shalmali Tipre Sukhtankar’s departure.

The finalist in the Zee Marathi Saregamapa Little Champs are all really good. It is very difficult to take one out. If you ask me the last two at this stage would definitely be Rohit and Kartiki for their lack of versatility. Avanti Patel is not consistent  and one bad performance can throw her out someday or may be she is the second Shalmali in this race. But Shalmali was never anything less than being in Top 3-4. My topper list is Prathamesh, Shalmali, Arya, Mugdha and may be Avanti. Avanti sings all songs with same emotions and smiling face. Hence she is on border. Arya is also inconsistent and her approach to add expressions is bit immature. Prathamesh and Shalmali would have really been top two but…

Mugdha’s SMS contribution seems to have gone down this week. I was fearing that she will win to competition purely on SMS rather than on merit. She is youngest of them all but still way to go. To conclude my thoughts on this whole episode, I would suggest that rather than taking SMS for a particular week, Zee Marathi can consider aggregating all the SMS in a weighted average (e.g. 1 week SMS will have 10% weight, next week 20% etc.) and then use this number to avoid such disappointment. It’s been a real shock for Shalmali and her fans (including me). I am sure being a Mumbai girl, she has tenacity to recover from this and she will rule Marathi music in years to come. Wish you all the best Shalmali.

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  1. For exit of super talented Shalmali, Parleians (residents of vile parle) are responsible. If Avdhoot said that, Mumbai’s contestant is not supported by Mumbaians, I do not agree. Take an example of Avanti Patel, who belongs to Dadar, Mumbai. Marathi viewers are always deterrent to talents, the way we saw that in Indian Idol-II Amey Date had to pre-exit and a sub-standard singer became Indian Idol. Only god knows, when this attitude of Marathi audiance will change.

  2. Sirs,
    Infact I would like submit that instead of eliminating oneby one it will be a good justice to the contest to select and declare winner in a last episode that will definately give enjoyment to all viewers. It is true that it is a contest and adhered to some rules but will not give proper justiceto the participants since the decesion id fully depending on SMS. It is an experience that very good participants have to leave the contest because of poor responce of SMS. The participants who have capacity of collecting SMS but not tothe point can easilywinthe contest by receing number os SMS.

    This may be tried.

    The participants at this stage are very very v—-ery good.

    My good wishes to all of them.

    kn kulkarni

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