Shankar Mahadevan – You rocked on Zee Marathi Saregamapa

What an episode man… one after the other the Saregamapa Little Champs went on singing and finally Shankar took the entire episode to its pinnacle. Initially when Shankar started praising everyone and forcing Avadhoot and Vaishali to give ni to everyone, I was saying come on Shankar this is not Hindi Saregamapa. Not everyone gets history here. In fact what I liked the most is Prathamesh Laghate alias PL told Vaishali that he is OK with less marks. That is real Marathi manoos man. We know what we are and where we are. But after the first round, the champs settled down and the effect of the praise they got started showing off. Even Kartiki who is generally not as good sang extremely well. Mugdha was also good. But I liked Arya & for a change Shamika. Arya in my opinion was the best performer of the day. Shamika’s marathi rendering was one of the best I have heard from her till date. How much I missed Shalmali… It would have been a great episode with her. But…

Shankar is one of the performers who says the best words for all who sing in front of him. He cheers them. Gives them standing ovation and everything he can. But when it comes to singing, he is just unbeatable. He sang Hansadhwani with Arya and it felt even sweeter both because if his singing and Arya joining with him. His bumro bumro also helped Avanti. But it was when Rohit Raut sang Mayechya Halavya, Shankar just showed what a great singer he is and how much these little champs need to learn. The number of variations he created in the same line which is recorded were just mind boggling. One after the other it kept coming … All Rohit could do was to sing as per the recording. Just too much for the poor child.

I have heard the song Maa from Taare Zameen Par so many times but the live performance did bring drops of tear to my otherwise dry eyes. Music can be as powerful as to change the entire world. If everyone speaks the same language across the world, it is music. Zee Marathi has shown the way to all other stupid Hindi entertainment channels what quality of content means. Once it is there, you don’t need all those nakharas and well rehearsed and scripted dialogues in reality shows. What Zee Marathi shows is much real than any Hindi channel. Keep it up Zee Marathi.


6 thoughts on “Shankar Mahadevan – You rocked on Zee Marathi Saregamapa”

  1. hi
    really ZEE MARATHI has shown other hindi channels what should be the quality
    quality of saregama is very high


  2. SRGMP Little Champs and Asambhav are best shows on Zee Marathi.

    Marathi content is 1000000 times better than Hindi!
    Hindi channels should be banned in maharashtra. We don’t need them.

  3. I had commented yesterday about imparting training to these adorable and their mind boggling talents. This has to be nurtured to keep this high culture alive and kepping peace of mind at a healthy level. I appeal all the music loving marathi audiences to promote these great little champs for sending them to THE Gurus in learning Hindustani classical vocal music and prepare them on a solid foundation. Expect willing response for which I would be grateful. Thanks.

  4. Arya u rocked…we want u to c as a winner…as far as performance is concerned Arya performed exceptionally well throughout the schedule…thats why she deserves to b as a littile champ

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