Zee Marathi Saregamapa – Arya Ambekar pays a great tribute

I know I am a bit late on this but today I got a mail for my You Tube subscription. Our friend ahonkan is back again and he posted all the videos of the tribute given by our

Saregamapa Little champs and I was once againg zapped. Saregamapa team did a wonderful job in paying a great tribute to our heroes. No other channel or program I saw that (except news channels off course) did an episode like this. I concept was really touching our heart and the execution superb.

While every little champ sang from bottom of their heart, it was Arya Ambekar who won our hearts. Not because she is from my home town but she was outstanding. Watch this for instance… “वंदे मातरम्”

And the others too. No wonder Pt. Hridaynath called her Aryaputra. Here is another one… “ए मेरे वतन के लोगों”

The start from Prathamesh was also equally good. “शूरा मी वंदिले”. But he did not get much opportunity after that. Since this was not a competition, it is not fair to judge the children but I am and my entire family is Arya’s fan. I wish we also had Shalmali Sukhtankar in that episode. We all miss you Shalmali. On the second day we felt that even more when they showed best of finals. I hope she will be back after the callback episode.

UPDATE [9th February]

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  1. Idea SAREGAMAPA, initially neglect said programme but in few days later I thought i am wronge & now I never miss this programme when i seen Panditji (Hridyanath Mangeshkar) first time with little champs & their comments its God Gift for all of them and us also. My 2.5 years son also said CHABUK When they sing songs for the album of SHIV KALYAN RAJA.
    My great wishes & SMS to all 5 little champs and NAAK GHASUN SASTANG NAMASKAR TO PANDITJI & FAMILY’S.

  2. arya,
    u r really nice and pritty young girl.i like ur and modak (prathmesh)s singing.keep it up. u will be the winner.

  3. Devika,
    Tula kartiki baddal ashi comment karnyachi kay garj hoti.they all are amazing singers. saglyana deo yash ani kirti deo ashi kamna kar.mansane kunabaddal wait lihu naye. samajle ka devki.shakya aslyas pl comment .

  4. arya manje punya chi shhan ahe tod nahi . puneri bhashet bolayace zale tar aawaj konaca arya ca

  5. me somwari ani mangalywari kadhi ghari yeto ani saregamapa bhaghato ase hote karan banket jam kama aste ani ghari alyawar khup bhari vate arya ce , prathamesh ce gane aektana . kadak hoto performance tod nahi

  6. tuje tya devshi ca ka zala ahe performance . bhari ani jau dya soda tar gane manje aflatoon hote .

  7. I am not from puna but still Arya has carved a special nitch in my heart like all my students.And am honestly wordless for rest of four little champs.Arya’s ‘GHAYAL MEE HARINI…’pierced the heart.To tell Arya,I have so many true events of life of Lata didi,Aasha tai & Suman which very rarely hv surfaced.Will write some day.Thanx Champs!

  8. me eka samanya kutumbatala mulga aahe. srgmp che sarwach episod me pahile aahet.shevati sarwayalach bandhen aste. tuhmi sarW maharashtrala zo anand dila tyasathi tumache shatasha aabhar. tumachi gani aamachya kaanawar ruzali aahe. zari tumhi amhala viserlat tari mala nahi vatat ki me tuhmala visaru shakato. tumacha shevatacha episod tar zala mag yananter amhala aryachi, mugdhachi,kartikichi,prathmesh aane rohit chi kedhich bheat honar nahi mala khu waiet watat aahe. pan mala ase watate ki ha program kadhi sampu neye aasach pudhe chalu rahude tumchi khup aathaven yeeil. tumachya pudhya jiwanasathi lakh lakh ashirwaad. mala mahit aahe ya comment khadhi tumachya paryant pohachat nahi jar pochalya ter plz…plz fakt ekach reply pathawa ya add. var. khup samadhan vatel.
    [email protected]

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