Zee Marathi – One week of little champs wasted

We all knew that Radhika Nande was definitely not the candidate to be selected in the final 4-5. Last time I wrote about the mockery of call back episode on Zee Marathi Saregamapa Little Champs. It is really proved beyond doubt that earlier decision to move Radhika out of competition was right. In this whole process now we have lost one more week and the telecom companies have gained additional revenue.

What has surprised me even more is the % of SMS messages Avanti Patel has got in last few weeks. She is getting almost 2.5 to 3 times of Mugdha who was supposedly SMS champ. This is mind boggling. This is once again proving that SMS is a fraudulent mechanism to prove merit.

One of the quickest suggestion I can give is to enforce one vote per telephone number. Now someone can say that we want one vote per family member but in today’s time almost every senior family member has a cell phone and 1-1 ratio can be moved up to let’s say 2-1. But there has to be some limit. This will ensure that there is no rigging and the wealthy or unnecessarily passionate people wont be able to chose less talented contestant.

I am also surprised that Arya & Prathamesh, despite singing extremely well and consistently all along are not getting enough share of SMS messages. I am their fan but I wont go overboard and pay the telecom companies. I will generally vote only 2-3 times once in two weeks and I am sure there will be many like me who will talk, write and support these children but will not rig the competition. Hopefully my above suggestion will bring some fairness to the entire system. If that happens I will feel positive about voting every week.

One thought on “Zee Marathi – One week of little champs wasted”

  1. I can’t understand why we need to blindly follow American Idol, Indian Idol and countless useless shows where the popularity is tested (by sms) and not the talent.

    SMS voting and any other voting is flawed ( look at our politicians)

    IMO this ranking/elimination/sms voting should not be for shows involving kids. When these occur, controversies of favoritism/partisanship/TRPs and all other unnecessary crap occur.

    The kids should come and sing. The *judges* should guide/point out any possible improvements/techniques for kids so that they can really improve and enjoy what they do.

    These shows snuff out the kids’ innocence.

    When are we going to stop ranking everything? Spare the kids at the least….

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