Zee Marathi Saregamapa – Good luck Neha & How to beat Mugdha?

On Monday, Saregamapa Little Champs bid good bye to Neha Karmarkar. Neha started vey well in this competition but somewhere she lost track. Due to health problems some of her episodes were quite low. She tried to recover but could not do it as fast as our Puneri doll – Arya Ambekar. I am sure Neha will not lose her confidence. She did not cry but she did look nervous to me. I definitely wanted to see her in top 5.

On the other hand the magic run of Mugdha continues. Of all votes, (Pallavi said 7 lakh SMS) Mugdha bagged 35% that’s whopping 220K+ votes. That’s amazing but my suspicious mind does not stop me from thinking. Mugdha is definitely good and for her age, she is giving everyone much older than her a tough fight. I heard she is not as young as she looks. So how is she managing to get so many votes?

There is a good possibility that she has some admirers who are spending lot of money. She seems to be coming from typical middle class Marathi family like you and me. So her family may not be doing all this. They all are good people. But the other possibility is that someone know how to hack the online voting system and is sending votes to Mugdha free of cost. Does Zee Marathi has will or wherewithal to find this out? I believe they have.

I posted you tube video of Shalmali Sukhtankar in my earlier blog post.  Now that video is gone and its user ahonkan’s account is suspended by Google. This proves that Zee Marathi is actively tracking the copyrighted material or may be it was some bitter comments by ahonkan that irked Zee Marathi. But we have lost a good collection of you tube videos which we enjoyed a lot when we missed the show. I have to think of moving to Tata Sky Plus now.

23 thoughts on “Zee Marathi Saregamapa – Good luck Neha & How to beat Mugdha?”

  1. I think Hemant, let your suspicions rest where Mugdha is concerned. Fans like ME who don’t get paid, or are not savey enough even to open a can of pickle, forget hacking the Zee voting lines are all voting or this little angel. I voted about fifteen times at a go, just by my cell, and 5 times by going online to vote.
    She really has to be her age because such programmes ask for proof of age from their schools. And God! Just look at her ! Still has her milk teeth most probably.
    I won’t go into who should be the Maha champ. Maybe the little PL. But in the meanwhile, please don’t doubt Mugdha’s talent which even the illustrious guests are quite ga-ga over.


  2. Namskar……

    Tumcha ha Programme sarvanch aavdato.
    pan aas nahi na avantikala khupach vote yet aahet. aani prathmesh is diserve candidate, but he cant… I am requesting public give ur vote who are desrve…

    Good Luck for all Little Champs..

  3. Namaskar sarva Lil’s champs na majhya tarphe
    and Pallavi You are so cute and loving. I like your anchoring and lovingness also.

  4. mala sarva audience la sagaycha ahe ki sarva lil champs na equal vote kara.
    me audiece la request karte ki Prathamesh la vote kara, nahi tar changala gayak ya spardhetun baher jayil.

  5. My vote is also for Mugdha. Hemant, by now you must have realized that she has true admirers and doesn’t need cheats to get SMSs.

  6. Hemant, only a stupid can think like this. If u have really listen her songs from ur heart, then u will not say like this. She is simple a wonder, belive me she is next Lata Didi from our State.

  7. Wake up. Check the date when the blog post was published. Lot of water has passed under the bridge. You must have also noticed that the flood of SMSes to Mugdha has also subsided. Her limitations are coming out now. She is very young. I fully agree with you that she is little wonder. But comparing with Lata didi is bit too much. She has lot to work and it’s a long way to go. Let her be Mugdha and enjoy her childhood. I am sure she will be a fine singer one day.

  8. I think these childs r doing exceptionally well. They entairtening all the viewers. In participants Arya, Prathmesh and Kartiki r d best…Arya doing fatastic job right frm the begining. She is the most consistent performer and she deserves to b as a winner…Best Luck Arya!!!

  9. all litttle champs are champion.Mugdha khupach chhan gane gate. she is the best.
    pan mugdha la best performence ka nahi milat samjat nahi.
    Pallavi joshi pan amha sarvana khub aavadte.she is the best anchor.

  10. khupach chan……………………………..
    thumi sarech litil champian aahat
    mazya shubhechya tumha savarn sobath aahe.
    best of luck




  12. All the remaining five little champs are outstanding.
    It is very difficult to pick one from them. Mugdha, Kartiki and Rohit are born with the gift of God but it seems that Arya and Prathmesh have given some time and it shows from their rendition and they should be encouraged by making them LITTLE CHAMPS

  13. hi all..
    its true dat mugdha is a good singer..
    but rest all r better..
    coz she is very young she is getting smses.. talentwise she lacks sumwhere may b its coz of her age..
    we cant deny abt rohit, prathmesh, arya n kartiki being good.. mughdha is also a good singer but requires more practice!
    u know dis voting system is really pathetic..
    avanti ws getting large no of votes.. dat day i decided to vote all odrs but not avanti.. i voted odr six odr dan avanti atleast thrice a day.. by sending smses and thru online too!!
    becoz f her shammika left, radhika ws gone… it wasnt a justice to dem…
    so frens plzz vote carefully… plzz see d talent in dem and not just bcoz u feel anya ffection for dem!!
    kona sobat hi anyay vayla nako..
    kay mhanta????

  14. Hemanta gadya,
    tuza manechya warati talake mhanun jo devane dilela shariracha ek bhaag asato to nikaami zala aahe ase watatay.

    dev tuze bhale karo. ajun kaay sanganar.

  15. hey guys..i think the verdict has been made..all the 5 participants have been declared as finalists and all are the best in their own special way.. arya is all-rounder,prathamesh is a pro at classical music,mugdha and karthiki are truly blessed,and ROHIT is a true rockstar but is also tryin out other forms of music n is exceptionally versatile.. so no1 is a weakling..and whoeva wins wil surely be the deserving one..so lets jus stop debating who is better and sit back n enjoy their performances..ani aaplya avadtya lil champ la vote karat raha…:) jai maharashtra 😉

  16. hey love 2 allll lil champs……
    baccha party u just roccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    i jus luv d sweet cutie pie f d showwwww, d lil mugdhaaa……
    loadz of luv 2 u babyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

  17. i’m happy dat all 5 r nw selected… aata kunihi jinkle tar kahi problem nahiye.. atlst all r finalists!! god bless dem!!

  18. Abe yaar, idhar bhi conspiracy theory kya? kaaiko?

    I can’t understand why people make a big deal of competition especially when it involves children… I mean, all of them sang well… and some sang very well…

    Even for a non-Marathi guy like me, Mugdha and Kartiki, when they sing, seem out of this world… I am not a fan of religious songs (be it in whatever language), but I felt very happy and elated listening to the songs sung by Mugdha and Kartiki (eknath bhajan was rocking).
    They sing well..very well for their age… and i wish them all the best in achieving fame, prosperity and glory…
    I don’t care who wins in this competition, but i’d like to listen to the songs sung by all the kids again…It’s a relief from listening to the bollywood crap peddled as music…

    Thank you kids…

  19. it was amazing last episode of sa re ga ma pa 5 of them are truly chams. mala pachi jana na vote karaych ahe.

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