Zee Marathi Saregamapa – Shalmali Don’t listen to Devaki

Tuesday evening Zee Marathi show Saregamapa Little Champs had judge Devaki Pandit back on the show as celebrity judge. We are now so used to the sweet comments by Vaishali & Avadhoot that we had almost forgotten all the “पण” comments. Devaki was in her usual self, pulling all little champs down to earth. Finally almost all got the same प-प marks with 1-2 exceptions. However amidst all these comments there was one comment which I did not like at all.


–>We all know how serious Devaki is about her music. She has her own style of singing and has tremendous passion for correct (rather perfect) notes and renditions. She is always unhappy about her performance and that keeps her going. However expecting this from everyone is a bit too much. In terms of stage performances for light music, Devaki is not as good as she is for classical or semi-classical. In fact I find her quite boring. I have seen her singing live during the finals of the celebrity special show of Saregamapa. For such a bright and happy moment she chose a very sad song which was completely out of synch with the rest of the show. Even during the finals of last season, where Vaishali Made won the crown, Devaki sang a so-called remix of Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki’s song. She was horrible. Initially she was “बेसूर” and only after the editing of the show, the song was a bit better to our ears. Live stage performance (Light or filmy music and not the classical or semi-classical music) is a different ball game and Devaki is not made for that.

On the other hand, Shalmali is a complete performer. We saw her singing the “कशाला उद्याची बात” on Monday. That was a mind blowing performance. Her singing was good. She was completely involved and her whole body sang with her. The very next day, Devaki objected to this saying she should focus on correct sur and keep the facial expressions, acting etc. aside. I feel this is completely wrong. A performer need not be a bore. Because the playback singers can not act or dance, they are playback singers. Audience wants a complete package, therefore Indian film industry has this unique concept of playback. Actors act and dance and singers sing. But when you get all in one person, why should you object. Shalmali is completely involved into her singing and that not only gives her pleasure but it is a joy to watch her as well. Conventionally she is not a beauty but it is her involvement and commitment to the song which pleases our eyes and ears and touches us.

So Shalmali! you are good as you are. Listen to any other advise about singing better but don’t be a bore. Be as cheerful and as lively as you are, we will come and listen to you, see how you perform and enjoy it completely. Keep Asha Bhosale as your idol and be like her, perfect yet very much cheerful, lively and presentable.

3 thoughts on “Zee Marathi Saregamapa – Shalmali Don’t listen to Devaki”

  1. Hemant do you know anything about Devaki Pandit.
    she spent every second of her life with classical music.Classical music is the soul of MUSIC.If some one know it means that person is complete person in music. Though you listen classical of Devaki,due to that impact you dont like her another style, it possible BHAI. ofcourse Singing,Dancing & acting are different but its a pleasure if it found in one person like “Kishoreda..”
    But it doesnt mean that you Blame on Devaki like this.
    afeter all “‘Jo Devakijine kaha woh achchhe ke liye hi kaha”
    so please think 1000’s time when you talk something….


  3. I think its very immatureness to comment a judge. All children today performing are no dought very talanted & god gifted. We just should encourage them. I think no judge is misguiding to these little champs. Even though being super talanted if any one of these little champs, he or she couldnot achive the goal, in future he or she is definately having a very bright future, if they follow the directions given by the judges & honourable guests . MY ADVICE TO ALL THE LITTLE CHAMPS PLEASE DO WORK VERY HARD & HONESTLY,OBEY YOUR PARENTS & “GURU” KEEP YOUR FOOTS ON GROUND, SUCCESS WILL RUN BEHIND YOU. “ALL THE BEST”

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