Raj Thakre & MNS – the road ahead

The drama of Raj Thakre’s arrest and bail kept all news channels busy for two days. So much so, the “Chandrayan” news did not get enough viewership across India. Now that he has got bail and the atmosphere has cooled down, we can look back and see that the core issue in this whole drama has gone for a toss.

The aftermath, mayhem or whatever names were given to the incidents post Raj’s arrest, are not the real issue. The issue is about jobs, migrants. Across the entire world, migrants are always an issue. Those who call themselves as sons of soil, were migrants few centuries back. So who really are the sons of soil? USA is a land of migrants. I saw lot of analysts on the news channels citing examples of USA but all those are irrelevant in India. Primarily because US history is not even 1000 years. Whereas India has at least 5-6 thousand years of history.

The Dilemma

I work in an IT company and many of my colleagues are working in different parts of the world. To us migrating to some part of the world always looked right. But still somewhere, deep inside, I was supporting Raj. I kept wondering why is this happening? Am I right to think so, when I myself have gone to parts of world for my job.

The answer probably lies in the level at which we work. Most of the work we do is a skilled job. It is not something anyone can do. While the jobs for which Raj & MNS are fighting are low, semi or unskilled jobs. With a huge inflow of migrants in Maharashtra (Not just Mumbai), local people are losing these jobs. In many of the industries being set across the state, it is same situation. Mumbai today specifically is dominated by Bhaiyyas and Pune is also going the same way.

Is this my native place?

If in my hometown, I am not able to speak my mother tongue, where the hell in the world will I speak it? What is the difference in that case between Pune & Lucknow? Now this is causing me worry somewhere back of my mind. I remember the Marwari family who ran shop in our neighborhood. They sent their children to our school. All of them speak Marathi very well. Now a days every where I have to use Hindi. This change is not so visible to younger generations as they have not seen the world before computers. But then we have seen it.

Why migrants settle here

So what causes these migrants to stays here forever and start influencing our culture? One is that the common Marathi Manoos (Now that has become a clichéd term) has very low ego. He does not mind speaking other language to communicate. Down south it is the other way round. The ego is more like pride. Second, the bollywood movies and recently Hindi channels have taught the Hindi language to most of the urban, semi urban Maharashtra. Third, their is no control over the minimum living standards enforced by state or local bodies. In a 10 ft x 10 ft room 10+ migrants can easily adjust their life, there by reducing the cost of living. Slums get authorized by state government after few years, local bodies provide them all essential amenities like water, electricity under the sweet name of humanity. Fourth, the local people again don’t mind employing migrants as they are cheap (not always best. We have some security staff from North, who are sooooooo dumb. You can not call then skilled) and they don’t mind doing business with migrants. There could be more. I wont repeat the ones about political will as they are listed in all news papers.

Tactics/ Strategy to tackle migrants

Now if MNS wants to ensure that the local people get more jobs, then there are some tactics that need to be played. One – raise the pride in our own language, culture. Two – make the language and culture more modern so that the younger generation can associate with it. Give glamour to the culture. Three – impose laws of minimum living standards and throw people living below that standard out of the cities/ towns. If housing is cheap due to slums, make it costly by taxes. Four – strategically target employment and businesses these migrants work into. Develop attitude of service, entrepreneurship locally and at the same time non-violently block the daily bread and butter of the migrants. Five – force local language in all possible communication. Encourage attempts to simplify the language, find new cool words for their counterparts in English/ Hindi. Allow a little bit of mixture of words from other languages and make Marathi richer in word power. Six – Get more Marathi officials in government. Throw the outsiders out of the state. Readers of this blog can suggest more options in the comments.

Thick skinned government and need for quick justice

But all this is a long term strategy. In short term when you want to do this, it has become extremely difficult to get things done in a real non-violent manner. The politicians, the burocracy are so thick skinned here that today they can simply deny justice by delaying it. When the MNS guys take law in their hands, they get support because of the insensitivity of the government. People have now started feeling that this is a right measure to enforce law. (Remember the police and people beating the thieves to death or another being towed away with legs tied to a bike in Bihar?) This phenomenon is not limited to Maharashtra. It is all across India. The only answer to this is with the politicians. They need to be principle centered than looking at petty politics.

Open questions

Lastly some questions to Raj Thakre – If his party comes to power in Maharashtra, who will be his ministers? (Not just the CM. The other ministers as well.) The current photographs we see on the banners across the city are not really promising, high caliber supporters. Second, when Sena-BJP combine came to power, these parties did not know how to boost the economy of the state and how to provide more jobs to local people. What is MNS’ strategy to do this?

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  1. Dear Friend what ever Raj is doing, it is not for marathi manoos, but for vote politics. As far as diff between Lucknow and Pune is concerned, both are indian cities. And in Lucknow many marathis live. Do you think they should be thrown out of that place?

  2. MArathi Manoos is too lazy to take up labour’s job. And hence the vaccum is filled by the North Indian.

  3. @Annonymous: Regarding difference between Lucknow & Pune – At all times Pune is a Marathi City. Would UPites like Lucknow to be speaking Marathi? It is a question of domination of cultures. North Indians are most welcome in Pune as we are all Indians. But they should not force their culture and language on others. I am sure they wont like it if they are in Marathi's shoes.

  4. everything is politics. get it straight. Raj Thakre is a Billionaire. If he was as concerned about the marathi manoos, why the hell has he gone and set his business outside the country, why not in maharashtra alone and provide full employment opportuinities to his manoos. The day is not far when our country will be broken inot pieces, on the basis of these petty issues like culture, language, religion and will be left no where on the developmental issues. DO U KNOW SOMETHING SITTING IN THAT SICK IT CO. COME OUT AND DO BUSINESS BY INVESTING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND U WILL SEE, ho difficult it is for someone to take risk and run a business in this state today. PEOPLE TALK OF labour protections and benefits and local manoos, and all that the leaders want after talking baout these issues is a part of your profit for their personal pocktes, else they threaten you that they wont let u do your business in the state, no matter whether you are a marathi or a bhayia (thats who u want to call them right)

  5. the way the gundas of the MNS have held the city their hostage for two days, and destroyed public property worth crores of Rs in a single day, proves their love for their mother land. I wish and i pray that some day in such riots , when MNS people end up shattering the glasses of your private car (assuming that u have one)or glasses of your home or shop /showroom (if u were a businessman) in these times, when its not very easy for any businessman to run the show, you will realise, what these gundas want and whom are they for. I wish u had no job and were going for an interview on the day the trains/ busses/ taxis were brought to a complete standstill in mumbai, then u wud have realised, what it means to go through such times….PLS WAKE UP, EDUCATED PEOPLE LIKE US, CANT LET THE NATION GET SHATTERED LIKE THIS. my heart cries when i see how people’s attitudes have changed over the one year in my mumbai E.g___ FOR MANY YEARS I HAVE SEEN IN LOCAL TRAINS, if two people ever ended up having a fight, the general crowd around them supported the people who was right or correct, BUT BUT BUT BUT now its not the same, if god forbid, one of them is marathi and one is north indian then no matter who was wrong or right, the crowd doesnt even mind getting involved from the marathi manoos’s side, even if he was complete fault….wake up boss, before, some foreigner once again rule our nation for another 100yrs. I DOUBT IF WE WUD HAVE GOT THE FREEEDOM EVER, THAT BHAGAT SINGH FOUGHT ONLY FOR NORTH. and ghandhi ji fought only for the freedom of gujarat. wake up pls…i am a north indian, and i love mumbai more than RAJ THAKRE, or his men, as i wudnt mind putting my life in danger if I saw an individual trying to steal some public property, and now i can do nothing when 1000s of marahti men want to burn mumbai

  6. do u know something, most domestic workers (small servants at home) are either from Bihar, Up or Neapl….so i went and enquired in a near by slum, if any of the local boys would be willing to take up the household work, I asked 100s of them and they all refused..and yes, they didnt go to school or anything, they just didnt have the will to work for money, though they wanted money, but it was beyond their imagination, that they wud work to earn money. They had other avenues, like attending rallies of political parties at shivaji park etc and get a few days or money for DARU

  7. do u know something, most domestic workers (small servants at home) are either from Bihar, Up or Neapl….so i went and enquired in a near by slum, if any of the local boys would be willing to take up the household work, I asked 100s of them and they all refused..and yes, they didnt go to school or anything, they just didnt have the will to work for money, though they wanted money, but it was beyond their imagination, that they wud work to earn money. They had other avenues, like attending rallies of political parties at shivaji park etc and get a few days or money for DARU

  8. Hi Friends,

    Jo Kuch Maharastra me hua wo galat hai, lekin isake liye jimmedar sirf hamare neta Laluji hai, unhone ye sab jaanbujkar kiya hai, Raj Thakre se dushmani nikalne ke kiye. wo chate to exam dusare state me bhi ho sakati thi. Magar Raj Thakre ko phasane ke liye Laluji or hamare netawo ki chaal hai. Mujhe bihar chode 5aal ho gaye hai. Laluji ke karan hume bihar chodna pada. Aaj desh ko azad hue 61 saal hogaye hai. par bihar me kuch bhi developement nahi hui, hume kaam ke liye dusare rajya me jana padta hai. isake jimmedar sirf lalu hai. Laluji ke wajahse hume abhi bambai me bhi chain se rahene mil raha hai. me unase vinanti karta hu ki wah apani gandi rajniti band kare or logoko sukhshanti se rahene de. iss rajniti me humare jaise garib log mar jate hai or ye neta log majese rahte hai. Sabhi politician bekar hai kisiko bhi desh ki nahi pad sab apani apani roti bana rahe hai. Me sabhi netao se binti karta hu ke Aise kuch kaam karo jis se DESH ki tarakki ho.
    East or Wst India is the Best

  9. Godhra Hatyaakand jhaala, aamhi gapp.
    Sanjay Dutt shastra baalgun dekhil baaher firto, aamhi gapp.
    Fardeen drug case madhye sutla, tari aamhi gapp.

    Tarun pora Rave party kartaat, tee mula sutli aani chaangli. Tarun aani Saamaanya Maanoos jevha petun uthto, tar to maanoos “Goond”. Tarun aani Saamaanya maanos buddhuu naahi, sudnya aani hushaar aahe. Lokaanni kive Netyaanni tyaachi kaalji karu naye.

    Marathi Vaachli tar Maharashtra Vaachel.

  10. dear friend

    its nice to read u r thoughts abt raj thackare
    and MNS. don't u feel its bad ..
    that he want to through out all biharies and UPwala

    i like to ask u one question why u r third class MPs or leader never think to make their own state that strong so people never think to leave their home or family and come to mumbai. why don't they make patana and other cities as like mumbai.

    Marathi people made mumbai and maharashtra. we got leader who are MAN not the Enuch like u r leaders

    our leader fight for us and the growth of state

    why u r leader fight only for their income instead of working for growth of u r own state why they want enter in mumbai and maharashtra politics

    Your Joker ( lalu yadav ) said their should be RASHTRAPATI RAJVAT in mumbai becaz someone got killed in train. can u chk news u will come to know their are more than 20000 murders in Bihar itself.

    why the hell they are wasteing their time in other thing better they should come and learn for us or AP or Gujrat how to make the our own state more stronger then other.

    if they don't have brain take tution for Chandrababu naidu or narendra modi

    i tell u they will never grow becaz they are not made to grow u r state they no only bhaisa ka dhoot and chara

    tell all ur leader to learn instead of giving BHASNBAJI & KABUTBAJI

    or send them in good school where they can learn general knowledge

  11. I do support Raj Thakray. Why lot of people a day comes from UP & BIHARI, RAJASTAN states in Maharashtra.Why north Indians comes in Pune, Mumbai? why there are not good educational institutes, not talented teachers? good social system,IT Industries till date in 21st century if you have guts then why not changing Bihar and U.P.why not studying in bihar U. P. & dont ask to guts in maharashtra people as you may not knowing history of India? padana padega. As per reall deta each bhiaya has 10 or more children & it is social system of north India? "khane ke liye majbur lekin 10 aur 15 bachha nikalte hai" tabi samjata nahi hai ki inko education kaisa milega, unka development kaisa hoga, 10 bacha nikalke bombay nahi to pune ane ka. This reall fact & because of get easy job, "zopda kider bhi nikal sakta hai? and earning and learning in maharashtra easily.why India;s other states are not developing? like rajastan,UP, BIHAR, PANJAB, JAMMU & KASHMIR, HIMACHAL PRADESH ORRISA? can you explain this reason? then answer everybody will say no no all politics is responsible, lekin ek am admi ko samjana chayie kitne aj ke jamane me bache niklna? apna state kyu nahi develop ho raha hai? why industries not coming ? kabbi socha hai? yetni to akkal hai kya sochne ki? maharashtra ke docotors, science researcher, engineer, advocates world me famous hai. why not bhayas are more doctor,engineers? because they dont have any dicipline,social system, aur doctor rahega to "gupt rog ka? with fake degree obtained from UP. BIHAR. In mumbai there are many fake docotors are caught after survey from Mumbai Municipal Health Department all are bhaiyas why? this is reall data shown in Mumbai. In Maharashtra have world class doctors and engineers & higest state in India for medical and engineers appearing. In North side more lobbying politics, poor administration in India why? kabbi socha hai?. Massive population also break down population policy by North Indian people. if Mumbai, Pune and upcourse Maharashtrata would have backward by educational, by industries, by proper administration, by security to India ka kya hoyega? every body is depand on maharashtra? why ? In Mumbai all U.P & Bihari Lawyres are practing in out side of the Court in Mumbai City. it is like prostitution clearly, "rastepe khade rahake fake notary karna, kisi ka shadi lagana? itna hi kam, agar talent hai to why not practing Mumbai High Court? or sub ordinate court? this is reall like prostitution condition if you come to see in Mumbai before many courts. what is this? if you have talent try to develop UP AND BIHAR State. Why the maharashtrian people in top IT sector or other because of administraion is good, education is good, social system is good. why not bhaiya people? only hardwork in like labour? malmajuri etc.

    Every body talk we are Indian we should not devide by religion, cast, language. CHUTYE SAB Have you taken reall experience to travel mumbai VT to Vasai, Thane or mumbai local train, because of more migrating by North Indian People. "Mumbai assi condition ho gayi hai ki raste pe chalna nahi atta hai then why local people should not temper for this condition in Mumbai or Pune, Nashik.
    . Mumbai aur Maharashtra develop hoke pura India develop hua kya? why other states are backward? specially North Indian. Maharashtra me ake padneka, naukri karneka, business karneka aur usko hi lat marneka?
    Sab band karo nautangi aur sudar jao it is better future for India. I hope this is understood EVERY BODY……… We need to develop whole India then the problem will solve.

  12. hiiiiiiii
    i think raj is right . pune is somehow speaking the mumbai is speaking . the atmosphere of pune has changed . people of pune r facing problem because of bihari and up migrants .
    they try to live in the they used to live in up and bihar its not the case they will have to respect the maharashtrian culture .

  13. hello all.

    yaar remember if north indian leave the maharastra realty boom will never heppen in maharastra, no industry will work in maharastra.

    if marathi ppl are capable and if they are inteligent then no one can stop them to get the job.
    bcoz now in india every body will get the job on there knowlage base and on there capability.

  14. one more thing if u think that north indian snaching their jobs then i think marathi ppl do same for north indian go to delhi and snach the jobs of north indian. and u will find that in delhi no one will beat u on behave of ur region

  15. Dear Daljit,
    I understand your view and would like to note here that when there are more guests in house than hosts, this kind of situation arises. Situation in Mumbai and Delhi are quite different. Mumbai is facing lot of issues due to migrants. Recent terrorist investigations have also shown that there are too many Bangladesi’s as well. Extreme situations need extreme measures. I am absolutely not against migration or north Indians. Delhi already hates Marathi spirit and has given our leaders secondary status. Specially Congress. To some extent Congress leaders are also responsible for the same. To me Raj is a person with self respect and he would fight for it till the point situation improves. Once that is done, I dont believe he will cross his limits neither will Marathi public accept it. So don’t worry be happy.

    P.S. – Also remember this fight is more for low skill work for which there is plenty of manpower available in Maharashtra. There are countries where local office has to prove that there is shortage of skill and then only Indians get visa to work in those countries. (Off course in India we are one country but the issue of local vs migrants will still be there.)

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