Congratulations Sakal

This week when every news channel in India is busy covering Sanjay Dutt as hero and trying to portray him at par with Gandhiji, there is one exception. Sakal Papers from Pune has published that they treat Sanjay Dutt as criminal and like other criminals his news will be published on inside pages and he will not be given any special status nor will they try to glorify him.

Though Sanjay Dutt has acted well in the Munnabhai movies and some other like Vastav, he has committed a crime and he is getting punished for his wrong deeds. All good deeds never cancel out the wrong deeds. This is not arithmetic. You stack up both good and bad deeds and they never cancel each other. What can happen at the most is that the good deeds will help you face the bad times but you can not avoid bad time. So let the criminal Sanjay Dutt face the punishment. The good guy in him should make other criminals around him better human beings and not the other way round. Else we are likely to get an actor trained by criminals like Telgi et al. And that will be even worse that what it was some 14 years back.